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Many members regularly sell old equipment or other things to the rest of the amateur community. This page serves as a location for members to advertise their equipment.

If you wish to buy or sell items then please email

Disclaimer: None of these items are sold by RADARC and RADARC will not be responsible for any issues with sales on this page. All items are shown without any warranty from RADARC. All items are shown as-is.

For Sale

8 New and boxed Audio Test sets, originally sold some years ago to BT as Test Set TG2753 for telegraph testing. These come complete with operating instructions, and service manuals are available.
The signal generator runs from 30Hz to 19kHz in 10 Hz steps and is a pretty clean sine wave.  The measuring side is auto-ranging and accepts signals from +10 dBm to -60 dBm in 600 Ohms, with a flat response or with telegraph data filters.  The input can be 600 Ohm or high impedance.
Mains powered only.
8 units are available on a first-come first-served basis.  A quality piece of test equipment for £20 per unit.
Contact Ray Brown G3SCZ if interested at
McMichael Twin Supervox
All switches and dials are in good condition with satisfying clicks. I bought it at auction 16 years ago, it had been a house clearance. I have never fitted a plug so I do not know if it is in working order. Located in Ripon, N. Yorkshire
Public Address Horns

3 Fibreglass horn speakers for sale .

Lightweight, fitted with RS. 30 watt 8 inch 8 ohm drivers, wired with
mono jacks/4mm binding posts with series or parallel connections.

Not weather proof but ok. if pointed downward and have survived a few Mc
Michael Rallies !

Very efficient, 2 covered a 200 seater marque with a small 30 watt
amplifier , as the horns are not re-entrant
they are good on music and project well. (without sounding like Paddington
Station PA. ).

Offers to Graham G3XYX via. the RADARC Club please.

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